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MoginRubin LLP navigates complexity – with expertise in antitrust, competition law, dynamic markets, applied economics, and business behavior in modern, high-technology ecosystems.

Antitrust and Competition Law Specialists. Deep Litigation Experience. Sophisticated Economic Knowledge. Real-world Business Acumen. Relentless Advocacy.

Why MoginRubin?

Every case about competition is complex and unique. The stakes are high. A successful outcome requires representation by lawyers who are subject matter experts with deep litigation experience, a deep grasp of economics and real life understanding of the volatility of the marketplace.

MoginRubin attorneys have years of experience, having successfully litigated hundreds of competition cases in many different industries. Our attorneys hold advanced business and economics degrees with practice experience at premier AMLAW 200 firms, prestigious national litigation boutiques, the Federal Trade Commission, the American Antitrust Institute, and other government agencies and institutions. Our work is regularly recognized by our peers, who consistently seek out MoginRubin attorneys for complex competition law matters.

MoginRubin is a competition law firm prepared to meet the most demanding challenges in litigation, strategic counseling, and policy advocacy. Our legal and economic skill and experience, gained through participating in some of the nation’s landmark antitrust cases, means our clients get clarity, focus, and a passion for sound decision-making. Both our clients and our adversaries include Fortune 1000 companies, Forbes 400 individuals, organized trade groups, private equity and VCs. We also proudly represent investment professionals, start-ups and entrepreneurs. Our work has included serving as lead or liaison counsel in antitrust, trade regulation, and class action litigation and overseeing complex federal Multi-District litigation. Our merger and competition policy advocacy often sets the agenda for governmental agencies, merging parties, and NGOs struggling with competition law issues. Our experience litigating private challenges to mergers has fostered competition in areas like telecommunications, electronic voting machines, and consumer credit reporting.

MoginRubin attorneys are passionately dedicated to our clients. We advocate relentlessly for them while consistently striving for excellence and justice at every step of the way. We navigate the layers of complexity, guiding our clients to their desired destination - success. Like you, we compete every day.

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Antitrust Unfair Competition
Trade Regulation
Trade Secrets
Class Actions
Mergers - Agency Advocacy and Litigation
Competition Policy and Advocacy
Investment Litigation
Complex Business Litigation

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